Blasterjaxx & Breathe Carolina - Soldier

05:03 0 b 01.04.2016, 18:08

Bahh Tee

Сурайё Косимова


Фаридуни Хуршед

30 Seconds To Mars

Nicki Minaj

Хабиб Хакимов

Sak Noel

Станьте первым, кто порекомендует это.

Blasterjaxx and Breathe Carolina’s new track Soldier starts with a climax which leads to a short guitar riff before the subtle vocal breaks down. The mesmerizing vocals give the track a magical touch and enchant the crowd into the first drop. The second breakdown builds up fast and strong, almost bewitching and pumping up the crowd, preparing them for the big bang when the party will burst into euphoria. This is a big one!
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