Sick Individuals - Prime

02:44 0 b 24.02.2015, 21:34

Justin Timberlake

Манижа Давлатова

Нигина Амонкулова

James Blunt


Бахроми Гафури

Полина Гагарина


Станьте первым, кто порекомендует это.

Sometimes we like to try out something new. We've always craved artistic freedom to express ourselves through our music. We love house, progressive and the melodic songs we've been producing lately. That's something that will stick with us forever. We share the need for more love, harmonies and melodies in the scene!

Besides that, our musical interest reaches beyond one sub genre, and we know that the same goes for a lot of our fans. Like the remix we did for Icona Pop " I Love It "!
More progressive is on the way, but now, it's time for PRIME!

Thanks for your continued support!
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