Thomas Gold & Bright Lights - Believe

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After releasing the irresistable ‘Colourblind’ last year on Revealed that captivated crowds from New York to Norway, Berlin-based producer extraordinaire Thomas Gold now returns to the imprint with yet another killer weapon in his arsenal – ‘Believe’ featuring Bright Lights.

Built around boisterous introductory beats that transform into a heavyweight build-up, Thomas draws in synth-driven melodies that interject the track with his trademark workings whilst still sounding fresh, before Bright Light’s vocals illuminate across the release, it’s ‘I Believe In You’ top line providing the hands-in-the-air soundtrack that will captivate across the Summer and beyond.

As Thomas’s unavoidably catchy working evolves furthermore, from it’s smorgasbord of progressive house key chords to the carnage of club-ready synths and head-spinning break-downs, the high-flying producer is bringing big-room back to the forefront.
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