Arston & Christian Burns - Where The Lights Are

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Young Belarusian talent Arston makes his return to Revealed to folllow up his 2014 smash and Sandro Silva collab ‘Symphony’. This time he’s going it alone, releasing his first solo production on the label with ‘Where The Lights Are’, a big-room anthem that’s packed with mountains of energy and some endlessly epic hooks. He does have some company though, as British singer-songwriter Christian Burns provides a soaring vocal that’s ripe and ready for some major crowd singalongs.

Featuring a touch of trance in the drop, not to mention a more traditional singer-songwriter feel in the break, ‘Where The Lights Are’ showcases the full breadth of Arston’s talents in the studio. Working effortlessly with Christian’s powerful and anthemic voice, there’s also a groovy bassline and some stomping percussion at play, making the track prime mainstage material, and one that is bound to send crowds into a frenzy.

With support already from the big-guns, ‘Where The Lights Are’ has the potential to be one of the biggest tracks this summer, and further marks out Arston for plenty of future success in his rapid and well deserved rise to the top.
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