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Станьте первым, кто порекомендует это.

Fritz Kalkbrenner comes from Berlin and is a very successful DJ and producer, among the most original and genuine ones nowadays. He is also Paul Kalkbrenner’s brother, the famous producer you might remember from the movie “Berlin Calling” (actually the two brothers produced together the soundtrack – do you remember “Sky and Sand”?). Fritz Kalkbrenner is a heavyweight producer in the international panorama (he sold over 200,000 albums in his career so far and is used to sold out). He is back on the scenes with his new single “Void”. His cold electro-beats are influenced by warm soul-sounds, a distinguishing characteristic from other electronic artists. “Void” is a charismatic and very emotional track, with a touch of melancholic notes.

“Void” comes with a strong remix package to conquer the club music scene all over the world. Remixes come from Gui Boratto, Andr? Hommen Baron Dafoe and Talul. There is also a remix by the Italian producer Spada who proves himself once again one of the most interesting ones on the international scene.

The cherry on top will be the video. Fritz has seen things you people wouldn't believe...
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