The Veronicas - If You Love Someone

03:57 0 b 01.03.2015, 10:51


Дамирбек Олимов


Alicia Keys

Артур Пирожков

Michael Jackson

Фируза Хафизова


Charli XCX
Станьте первым, кто порекомендует это.

Our love for music is only matched by our desire to 'be the change' and 'find the voice' to speak up, for ourselves, and the world around us. This video is meant to inspire a light within you, that we hope will one day spark into a fire to light the way for others. At the end of the day, there is no greater lesson to learn, than the grand lesson of LOVE, FREEDOM, ACCEPTANCE, COMPASSION, for ourselves, and for others.
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