Far East Movement & Yoonmirae & Autolaser - Fighter

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Фарзонаи Хуршед

Bad Balance

Нигора Холова

Ситораи Азими


Виктория Дайнеко



Сергей Лазарев
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Hip-hop trio Far East Movement presents their new album Identity. This is a versatile collection that you cannot afford to miss and if you do, you will miss out on some very epic musical highlights. Far East Movement joined with multiple talented artists like Macy Gray, Marshmello, Soulja Boy and more, to give each tune an amazing quality and flavor of its own. One thing all tracks have in common is its raw vibe that you got to love and embrace. Far East Movement welcomes you into their amazing world!

"This song is reflective of our own lives and careers where there have been so many instances where we wanted to give up. Creating this positive and inspirational tone was in fact therapeutic for us. the whole album theme is a far east movement identity, so for the music video with Yoon Mirae we wanted to pay respect to the early korean and asian immigrants that were either forced here from conflict or came here with a dream and made it possible for something like the far east movement to even exist. Sadly in today's news, when we hear politicians and talk radio hosts stances on letting people into the US we can only think, 'what if they did that to all the Asian groups that had no where to go and ended up here?' the music vid is symbolic of us finding our own way and identity. We have wanted to officially collaborate with the legendary Yoon Mirae for years, she is someone who's credibilty and longevity in the korean music scene is a testament to her skills and fight. We also collaborated with a norwegian artist and one of the most innovative musicians in the game, who we recently signed to our company Transparent Agency with Trapcity named Autolaser. Thank you for taking this journey with us and we hope you enjoy the album." -FM
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