Michael Calfan - Mercy

03:11 0 b 02.07.2015, 08:55


Катя Лель

Depeche Mode

Austin Mahone

Елена Темникова



Валерий Меладзе

Ани Лорак
Станьте первым, кто порекомендует это.

Here comes absolution from French house master Michael Calfan! The track breathes a folky interpretation of his sound, incorporating piano, harmonica and sultry vocals. It’s amazingly catchy while still touching dancefloor nerves. Deep house from high above, ‘Mercy’ will touch everyone. BIG!

Be absolved of your sins and share your anonymous confessions with me on my 'Wall Of Mercy'. The most touching confessions will be shared on my twitter account and that of Spinnin' Records! Go to: http://www.michaelcalfan.com/wallofmercy/
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