Julius Abel & Sena Sener - Waiting On The Shore

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Taylor Swift



Денис Майданов


Макс Корж

Бахром Гафури


Нигина Амонкулова
Станьте первым, кто порекомендует это.

The Bearded Man was walking along the shore, waiting for the sunset as he faced west. He wasn’t in a hurry mind you, it was more of a tradition than anything. He was walking around a rocky bend when he chanced upon a beached whale, very much alive, right around the corner. There was no one in sight. Needless to say, he felt terrible, but what could he do? How could one tiny dude possibly move this enormous creature, especially with no technology and being so far away from civilization? Just then, a small mouse scurried past him, heading towards the whale. The mouse said: “Don’t worry guys, I got this!” The Bearded Man — and the whale — were stunned. The whale, desperate as she was, bellowed out a hearty laugh. She said “I’d love to believe you little mouse, I really would, but I think we’re going to have to be realistic on this one.” The mouse said: “Nonsense! Give me 5 minutes!” The mouse then started to dig a tiny hole with his teeny tiny baby paws. He might as well have been moving one grain of sand at a time, and it was taking forever. Finally, after exactly 4 minutes of digging, he uncovered a big red button in a plastic cage under the sand, and gestured for The Bearded Man to push it. The Bearded Man pushed the button, and they heard the sound of enormous gears creaking into motion. The whole beach began to shake like an earthquake and started to tilt upwards, bringing the whale with it. When the slope got high enough, the whale began rolling downwards towards the ocean until she was safe in the water at last. When the mechanism had completed its task, everything slowly returned back to normal, and the mouse covered up the button once more with sand. The mouse looked at The Bearded Man and said: “What? Just cuz I’m tiny doesn’t mean I’m not a genius and can’t build stuff over the course of several, agonizing years that might someday come in handy. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity, dumbass.” It was a strange lesson, but one that The Bearded Man will never forget.
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