Curtis Alto - Afraid

02:38 0 b 28.09.2016, 19:21

Фаридуни Хуршед

Джурабек Муродов


Фируза Хафизова

Spice Girls

Selena Gomez

Guano Apes

Miley Cyrus

Lana Del Rey
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The new Belgian promise Curtis Alto is bringing edgy pop vibes to the table. These three musically skilled brothers who were born to make music, were hooked on creating something fresh with the lyrics from The Neighbourhood’s original track ‘Afraid’. This hit has a slower tempo than most deep house tracks that results in a smoother groove, perfectly enhanced by the recognizable guitar lick. The contrast between the edgy lyrics and the instrumental definitely reinforces this endearing tune. Curtis Alto is taking music to the next level with ‘Afraid’, driven by passion and a solid musical background. Definitely artists to watch!
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