De Hofnar & Goodluck - Back In The Day

02:48 0 b 14.11.2015, 16:37


Юрий Шатунов


Шабнами Сураё

Depeche Mode


Зулайхо Махмадшоева

Макс Барских

Becky G
Станьте первым, кто порекомендует это.

After previously turning in a splendid remix on Besnine’s – ‘How To Love’ to The Bearded Man imprint, it was only a matter of time before De Hofnar’s dashes of brilliance were to be picked up by Armada Deep. And so it ensued! A co production with South African electro act GoodLuck sees the birth of ‘Back in The Day’ spoiling us with ever evolving textures, mesmerising sax play, nostalgic vocals and all round perfection.
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