Borgeous & David Solano - Big Bang (2015 Life In Color Anthem)

02:49 0 b 16.04.2015, 20:25

In This Moment

Влад Соколовский

Chris Brown


Bahh Tee

Юлия Савичева


Юрий Шатунов

Шухрати Расул
Станьте первым, кто порекомендует это.

Now here’s a pair that knows how to build suspense. First, Borgeous and David Solano let the groove gain strength before the true Big Bang approaches with a highly melodic breakdown. As it’s all hands in the air from that moment on, the drop turns things even more majestic, boasting grand chords over massive kicks. Here comes the big bang for sure, electro mania in full effect.
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